About Us


It all started when...

I immigrated to Portland, Maine from my native South Africa in 1984 immediately after graduating from high school. Before attending college, I secured a job working in the wood flooring industry, during which time I acquired the multifaceted expertise of hardwood floor restoration. After completing my studies I entered the electronics industry, but a decade later I shifted the course of my career and launched my own company, Casco Bay Hardwood Flooring, specializing in the sanding, refinishing and installation of hardwood flooring and operated with great success for more than a decade. 

Seeking a lifestyle change, my family and I made the decision to head back to sun-drenched South Africa where I started another successful flooring company called Knysna Wooden Floors. Knysna, which is situated in the Western Cape province, was experiencing an unprecedented building boom and during this time I did mostly installation and finishing of new flooring, and I was fortunate to be able to bring my advanced skills to this bourgeoning building industry and I very quickly made my mark in the then relatively untapped wooden flooring market. 

I operated there successfully for three years, but in 2008 after much personal debate my family and I decided to once again return to Portland, and I merely picked up where I left off with Casco Bay Hardwood Flooring. Eleven years down the line I am still operating, now working alongside my son Ian and one other employee, Max. Having a small team enables us to maintain a high level of craftsmanship and a resolute work ethic.